Happy Summer! I hope you had a great July 4th. I have recently learned how to pick crabs. It’s hard work to get 

to that succulent meat, but it’s oh-so-worth-it when enjoying the sunny July weather with friends…even if I do end up stabbing myself on their shells at times.

Did you know that Amazon Prime Days is today and tomorrow, July 12 & 13? I’m pleased to announce that for Prime Days this year the eBook version of A GRAVE CELEBRATION is on sale for only .99!


Yes, for just .99 you can have all 343 pages of Violet’s great adventure into murder and mayhem on the Suez Canal.

Prefer print? The print version will be discounted from $12.99 to $9.99, a savings of almost 25%.

Grab your copy today before the sale ends!

Need to catch up on the LADY OF ASHES series? Here they are in order:


I also have a LADY OF ASHES novella in THE DEADLY HOURS, an anthology with Susanna Kearsley, C.S. Harris, and Anna Lee Huber. You might find some new favorite authors in the book, which follows the travels of a cursed pocket watch through time.

Interested in just a taste of Violet? Pick up A DEATH ON THE WAY TO PORTSMOUTH, a short story available for only .99.

I’ll be busy on July 23rd as a moderator for the “Taste of HNSNA” virtual conference, sponsored by the Historical Novel Society—North American Conference. It’s a great value at only $49 for a full day of programming. Some of your favorite historical authors will be there.

The conference will be in-person in 2023. Stay tuned for details.

As you know, I have a great fondness for cats. Titus, Cicero, and I are excited to report that my virtual assistant, Ruth Martin at Maplewood Virtual Assistance, welcomed a new addition to her family a few weeks ago. Houdini is a sweet gray kitten with white boots. I’m sure he’ll soon be reading LADY OF ASHES prior to his daily naptimes. I wonder what he will think when he gets to the part about Mrs. Softpaws?

Cicero wakes up from his nap, excited at the news that another kitty has been adopted in the world.

Isn’t Houdini totally adorbs?

By the way, if you’re in need of a stellar virtual assistant to lend a hand with admin support, online marketing, copywriting, or your social media, reach out to Ruth. I’ve been working with her for several years and she is a rare gem in the industry.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!