I love my cats, I really do. But sometimes…

Back in late June, I adopted an adorable 10-week-old gray tabby, whom I named Titus. I mean seriously, look at this little bundle of fluffy cuteness!

He was such a sweet, calm kitten. He didn’t scratch anything, he didn’t bite, he wasn’t greedy for food, and he played well with others.

But Titus has recently discovered toilet paper rolls. And by “discovered,” I mean that he is on a mission to destroy the world’s supply of them. I have had the habit of leaving toilet seats up, just because the cats seem so fascinated with putting their paws up and looking inside. How could it hurt for me to do that?
Silly me! Titus has figured out that destroying toilet paper is fun, but taking it off the roller and dumping it into the toilet is much more entertaining.

Here is some of his handiwork.

One day I was able to catch him in the act of going after a roll of toilet paper. He didn’t even bother looking up at me with guilt, so busy was he with his latest creation. At least the toilet seat lid was closed that time.

Titus is also fond of knocking everything off the counter that he can possibly manage. I can no longer leave a filled glass on the counter, because if he can tip it over, over it will go. My AirPods were sitting on the kitchen counter one day and he knocked them into the sink and pushed them into the garbage disposal. I just happened to notice them, or else I might have ground up a very expensive set of ear buds. He has also dropped in kitty toys, along with pens, mail, and whatever else he can manage to drag to the sink.

Or toilet. I’ve also caught him dragging drink coasters, charging cords, and my coin purse to the toilet. Thank goodness I caught him before he soaked these items.

Here he is, contemplating what he might be able to do with ice cubes melting in the sink.

But is Titus repentant for his bad ways? No, he is not. Here he is, a confident, self-satisfied little boy.

Lesson #1 learned: Keep the toilet seat closed!
Lesson #2 learned: My cats walk all over me and I doubt it’s going to change.

I hope you are enjoying an emerging spring in your part of the country. I know I look forward to COVID being over, as well as to just being active again. Thank you for all of your readership support.