I know you’re a reader and that often means you’re reading anywhere, whenever your time permits. (I do this, too.) I want to see where you take Violet Harper on vacation over the coming months. So, I’m asking a teeny favor, share your photos with me.

Show me where you can be found reading one of the Lady of Ashes books. Extra points for reading in unique locations. I’m interested where Violet will turn up. Could it be the beach, the park, the doctor’s office waiting room, the museum, or a concert? Or perhaps Violet will be in front of your state or city’s welcome sign or in town square? I truly want to see where Violet will travel and the more unique the locations the better. (Plus, it gives me a glimpse into seeing some great locations across the states…or internationally – who knows where Violet will travel.)

Don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy vacation planned just take out your camera or phone and snap a photo of one of the Lady of Ashes books – your pick, a physical book or on your eReader – and send it to us.

My assistant will be collecting the photos and adding them to a dedicated photo album on Facebook. The photos will be added within days after they are submitted so begin NOW.

At the end of August, I will choose my favorites. Who knows? I may even surprise my top pick(s) with a hand-selected gift from me. We’ll see how many photos are submitted. (Psst – please do take at least one photo, if not more, and send them to my assistant to keep her busy.)

Here’s what to include with your photo:

  1. Your name
  2. Where the photo was taken. (Tell us either city/state or if in front of a specific place then share that. Such as “at Gettysburg National Battlefield.”)
  3. Which Lady of Ashes book title you’re sharing in the photo.

That’s it. Super simple and easy to do.




If you’ve bought some Lady of Ashes products from our store and want to add a photo of your Violet swag, send it along. We’ll add those types of photos to the album as well.

Flat Stanley is often found in unusual places but Violet can be, too, right? Some may wonder “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” but I am wondering where a Lady of Ashes book will be seen next? Thanks in advance for playing along. I can’t wait to see all of your photos. Keep watching my Facebook page. And do invite your friends to join in this vacation fun. The more the merrier.