Well, the weather is turning cool here in the Mid-Atlantic. Combined with the recent time change and a few trees hesitantly displaying bits of red and orange, I feel like fall is finally arriving, don’t you?
Thoughts of autumn make me start thinking about our two big upcoming holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Each year I complain about how quickly the holidays seem to roll around, even while I get excited about making meals, buying that special present for someone I care about, and enjoying the general festive atmosphere everywhere.

This year, though, feels different, doesn’t it?

I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but in my state, the governor just went back to more restrictions on restaurants and indoor gatherings.

So depressing, right?

But I don’t want 2020 to end on a depressing note. I think it is important that we find joy wherever we can.

Enter Etsy.

Have you ever shopped on Etsy? I love this place! It’s like the universe of handmade and personalized gifts, available at the click of a mouse. I generally find the sellers to be very creative, responsive to questions, and quick to ship.

Some of my favorite Etsy purchases include:

Granite Marker

I bought this for two beloved cats’ burial sites. The was excellent and the seller did a great job on the personalization. Know someone who lost a cherished pet in 2020? This would be an unexpected and meaningful gift. Even if the animal was cremated, the stone could be placed in a garden with flowers planted around it.



Business Card Holder

How cute is this? What woman wouldn’t love carrying her business cards in this unique case? It’s a high-quality case and the seller has many designs to choose from.


Personalized Map Print

It doesn’t get more personal that a map of your recipient’s zip code, does it? I’m actually still waiting on my order for a map I will give to a friend who just bought a new house, but the reviews on it are great. You can include any custom wording—names, dates, city, state, state, coordinates, and so forth.

And so, dear reader, I think I’m going to have an Etsy Christmas. I will likely limit my gift list to a few loved ones, but they are going to receive some super-awesome personalized gifts!

What about you? Do you have a great Etsy story to share? What has been your best purchase from the site? More importantly, what do you plan to do for joy this holiday season?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Warmly Yours,


P.S. I receive no compensation from Etsy for recommending them. I’m merely sharing my good experiences from the site with you. ?