I recently adopted Cicero, the cutest little Maine Coon-mix you have ever seen in your life. I found Cicero through a local pet adoption web site. I fell completely in love with his picture and had to have him! Turns out that he and several littermates were dropped off as very young kittens. One kitten died quickly, and then Cicero began to fade. His foster mother hand fed him every two hours for days to rescue him.

I’m so glad she did, because now he is just a sweet and adorable little cuddle bug. He loves to be held and will nudge your hand with his head to make you pet him.

All of his surviving siblings have also been adopted.

He is particularly attached to Felix. I think it’s because they are both obsessed with food and can tag team begging for it!

I am guessing Cicero is part Maine Coon, primarily because he has tufted ears, fur on the underside of his paws, and his tail is so bushy it looks like it belongs on a raccoon. He is only seven months old and already his paws are larger than any of the other cats’ paws, so I’m wondering how big he will end up being!

As adorable as he is, Cicero does have one bad habit: he likes to destroy paper towel rolls. I’m thinking I may have to hide them in the cabinet. What am I going to do if he discovers the toilet paper holder???