Longtime readers and Facebook followers know that I have great affection for my cats. Unfortunately, this year I have had to put down two of them.

Caesar was 17 when his kidneys began failing him, resulting in his death in March. He was a great cuddler and I miss snuggling up with him on the couch.

Claudia was 15 when she followed Caesar in July. She had also been ailing, but she loved Caesar and it almost seemed like she gave up once he was gone. They rest together now in the new kitty cemetery.

I got to thinking about the joy pets bring into our lives, and being that this is a time of year to express thanks, I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos of Caesar and Claudia as a tribute of gratitude to their way-too-short presence in my life.

Favorite Feline Quotables & Photos

“So, yeah, I just read through the synopsis for A GRAVE CELEBRATION, and now I know whodunit. If you want to avoid me telling everyone on Facebook who it is, I want payment. Ten Pit-r-Pats and a tidy pile of Little Friskies chicken flavor party mix will do nicely. And you need to fix that scene where Violet runs into trouble at Port Said. Not enough tension.” ~Caesar

“There, I’ve finally finished up the Declaration of Independence. I bet Jefferson ends up taking credit for it.” ~Claudia

Not dead, just passed out drunk on catmint.

“Everything comes to those who wait… except a cat.” ~Mario Andretti, retired American race car driver

“Please don’t ask us to use cat beds when we can more effectively deposit fur on the back of the couch.” –Caesar and Marcus

Rest in peace, Claudia and Caesar.