A Murderous Malady, Book 2 of the Florence Nightingale Mysteries—Available Now!

The London summer of 1854 has ended, but not before admitting a most unwelcome guest: “King” cholera. As the dreaded disease tears through the poverty-stricken Soho slums, Florence Nightingale marshals her best nurses to assist the doctors at Middlesex Hospital, who are treating countless suffering patients.

But there is far more seeping through London than merely a fatal disease. Someone has attacked the carriage of Florence’s dear friend, Elizabeth Herbert, wife to Secretary at War Sidney Herbert. Although Elizabeth survived the assault, the Herberts’ coachman did not.

With Sidney frantic with worry that an assassin might be stalking his wife, he asks Florence to investigate. Within hours, though, more tragedy strikes. Sidney’s valet, Fenton, stumbles into Florence’s hospital, utters a few mysterious words regarding the attack on Elizabeth, and promptly expires from cholera.

With little to go on except Fenton’s last words and a curious set of dice that she finds in his jacket pocket, Florence embarks on a mission to find a killer.

Soon the suspects are piling up faster than cholera victims, as there seems to be no end to the number of people with a grudge against the Herbert household.

When someone else near the Herberts is found murdered, Florence is in a race against time—not only to save the lives of people suffering from a fatal disease, but to intercept someone who will stop at nothing to achieve a disturbingly sinister goal…

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The Deadly HoursComing from Sourcebooks in late 2020!
I have also been busy on another quick mystery Violet solved in March 1870, involving a pocket watch that seemed to be cursing the lives of those who owned it.  Violet had quite a time unraveling the true source of the watch’s evil. My story will be featured in an anthology of stories I am writing, along with Susanna Kearsley (LOTS of fabulous romantic historical fiction), Anna Lee Huber (Lady Darby mysteries), and C.S. Harris (Sebastian St. Cyr mysteries).  I admire all of their books and this is a great honor for me. Stay tuned for a cover reveal very soon.