I really love writing. Seriously. So much so that it almost feels a hobby because it doesn’t feel like work (shh, don’t tell my agent I said that!). I know how blessed I am to feel that way because so many people are in careers or situations they don’t enjoy.

Contemplating that got me to thinking about my actual hobbies—which of course I don’t have nearly enough time in which to indulge.

Any scrapbookers out there?

I started scrapbooking many years ago, after a woman in my neighborhood dropped off a card inviting me to a crop event at her house. Because I am a pack rat when it comes to memorabilia, I knew I had discovered the perfect hobby for me. I’ve made countless scrapbooks documenting my life. I guess it’s what was done before you could document your life on Facebook!

It’s fun to go back through the books and see pages decorated with pictures and ephemera from trips and events. Goodness, I even have scrapbooks containing Christmas cards and letters that are sent to me.
Right now, I’m working on a multi-volume scrapbook documenting my mother’s life. It really helps me re-connect with her even though she has been gone over 3 years now.

For several years I made my own Christmas cards, and would even give sets of personalized cards to friends and gifts. Alas, I eventually found it to be too much work to keep up with. However, the rubber-stamping supplies work quite well with my scrapbooking supplies!

I tried beading for a while. Literally everything I made fell apart because (1) I get too excited about beads and load pieces up with ridiculously heavy beads and (2) I was never good at judging the right size wire to use for individual projects.

I’ve done a tiny bit of sewing but have never attempted more than a few straight lines. Like with a placemat. A friend helped me shorten some 84” curtains to fit a canopied bed I bought. I helped remove stitches and re-pin the curtains, but she worked the machine. It was probably better that way!
Some crafts work for me, others don’t. I think a lot of the fun is in trying things out.

In the end, though, I think half of my fun is in organizing my supplies. I hereby present to you my craft room! Do you enjoy any fun or unusual crafts? I’d love to hear from you about it.

A look inside my craft room

craft-roomThis is a 4’x8’ counter laid across some stock Lowe’s cabinets—and I can manage to spread across the entire thing while working a project, as you can see here. Plus Marcus needs room to supervise me!

craft-roomHow daunting is this? These cases containing all of my waiting scrapbooking projects!

craft-roomAll of these cases are full of cardstock. Why no, I’m not a hoarder at all! All of these papers are most necessary!

craft-roomEverything not scrapbooking is in here: sewing machines and supplies, beading materials, paints, and so on.

craft-roomHow many scrapbooking and rubber-stamping supplies does a single crafter need? Apparently, quite a bit.