Podcast Episode 17: The Mold Riots of 1869

The town of Mold in northeast Wales has its own fascinating history dating back to the 11th century reign of William Rufus, but became infamous for its riots in the summer of 1869. Friction between Welsh coal miners and a particularly abusive English mine manager would result in military interference would leave several dead bodies and even more acrimony and hatred. As with all horrific events though, it would also lead to reform of the court system in Wales.

2 comments to Podcast Episode 17: The Mold Riots of 1869

  • Joan

    Two things:

    2. I mis-heard your explanation of Mold being “an area in Wales” as being “Aryan whales.” It took me a couple of minutes to stop wondering when you were going to get back to the master-race-cetaceans.

    Happy Monday!

    • ctrentadmin

      Hahaha! I will pass your comments on to my brother. Thank you for writing. Now I must return to writing my story about our orca overlords. 🙂

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