From Keyboard to Editor

correctingIn a previous blog post, I discussed how I come up with book ideas and form them into a coherent plot. Once the writing of a book is done, I am still some distance from getting it turned in to my publisher.

As with book plotting, I work with a small group, which I call my Beta Review Team. The team is comprised of family members, much like my plotting team is: my husband, my brother, and a sister-in-law.

Each member of the Beta Review Team has what I consider a “specialty” with my manuscript. My brother goes through it a very high level for picking out plot and character inconsistencies. Fortunately, he usually has solutions to go along with what he perceives as problems!

My husband goes a little deeper on plot, and is much more attuned to timeline inconsistencies. He, too, usually has suggestions for fixes.

My sister-in-law is my line editor. She pores over every single page and fixes my awkward grammar. Her work is so meticulous that by the time I am done making her changes, I’ve typically added another 2,000 words to my manuscript!

They say you should never hire with friends or relatives, but my family comes around me to form a team that is tough to beat. My editors typically comment on how “clean” my manuscripts are when they are delivered, and that is all due to my loved ones who make sure I stay out of editorial trouble!

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