Meet Christine’s Cats

Writing and cats seem to go together, don’t they? Unfortunately, I seem to collect cats with the same enthusiasm that I collect books! Meet all of my critters.


Name: Caesar
Nickname(s): Big Buddy
Born: 2001
Likes: Head bumps with my owners, cuddling, grooming other cats
Dislikes: Having my naps interrupted
Tagline: “Just hacked up another hairball for you”



Name: Claudia
Nickname(s): Peetie, Sweetie McPeetie
Born: 2003
Likes: Privacy, whipped cream treats
Dislikes: All other cats except Caesar. Not crazy about the humans, either.
Tagline: “I Vant to Be Alone!”



Name:  Octavian Augustus
Nickname(s):  Little Man, Doof-Doof
Born:  2006
Likes:  Chasing Claudia, making Caesar move from his favorite napping spot, walking back and forth in front of the keyboard when I’m hungry.
Dislikes:  That stupid cat from down the street who comes up to the windows and taunts me.
Tagline:  “I’m king of the world!”



Name:  Livia Cleopatra
Nickname(s):  Peetette, Doofette, Cutie Pie
Born:  2009
Likes:  Belly rubs, napping with my owner while she writes.
Dislikes:  Claudia and Marcus
Tagline:  “I’m not afraid of nobody!”

download Name:  Marcus Aurelius
The Munchkin, Brown Bear
Eating, shoulder riding, eating some more
When the girls growl at me—I just want to play!
“Life is a big buffet”